About Me

I work as a ML Engineer at Beeble AI, where I research and develop 2D-to-3D algorithm optimized for AI virtual production. Before that, I completed my master's degree at POSTECH Computer Graphics Lab under the supervision of Prof. Seung-Hwan Baek.

I'm interested in integrating AI into digital content creation to enhance visual realism and streamline workflows, allowing users to efficiently generate high-quality visually appealing outputs. My recent researches focus on capturing, analyzing, and modeling the physical properties of light [NeSpoF / Spectro-polarimetric Dataset].

Work Experience

Beeble AI

Apr. 2024 - Present
ML Engineer

Enhance the normal and depth map estimation in Switchlight to achieve better 3D geometry extraction

Harex InfoTech

Oct. 2021 - Dec. 2021
Research Engineer

Develop a purely data-based Digital Me algorithm for real-time personalized user recommendation


Jan. 2021 - Feb. 2021
Software Engineer Intern

Develop a Bluetooth communication system to remotely control the mobile EV charger using smartphone


Spectral and Polarization Vision: Spectro-polarimetric Real-world Dataset
Yujin Jeon*, Eunsue Choi*, Youngchan Kim, Yunseong Moon, Khalid Omer, Felix Heide, Seung-Hwan Baek
CVPR 2024 (highlight)
AMPER(Aim-Measure-Predict-Evaluate-Recommend): The Paradigm of Digital Me
Kyoung Jun Lee, Baek Jeong, Yujeong Hwangbo, Youngchan Kim, Sungwon Bae, Taehoon Baek
ICEC 2022

Teaching Experience

Samsung Electronics DX(Digital Transformation) Training

Apr. 2024

CSED700G Computational Imaging

Spring 2023
Teaching Assistant

POSCO AI Expert Training

Oct. 2022 / Jul. 2023
Teaching Assistant